MTB gloves with design and comfort

The perfect MTB glove can do many things at once: it provides grip, it protects, it is super light, breathable and a feast for the eyes. When you wear a glove like this for mountain biking, you have full control and freedom of movement. The demands are high, but here in our store you will find MTB gloves that impress across the board with their design, function and material.

MTB cycling gloves are a must in all weather conditions: on dry days, you get optimum grip and protection for your fingers, hands and joints. On colder days, the gloves keep you warm while mountain biking and give you a perfect feel for the handlebars. Of course, your perfect MTB outfit also includes matching trousers or shorts and a super-comfortable jersey. You can also find cool jeans and chinos in our store.

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Transmitter Gloves 1.1
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