Riding Pants Technologie

Unsere Riding Pants sind vollständig abriebfest. Was sich hinter dieser Technologie verbirgt, erklären wir dir hier.
Abriebfeste Faser

Our single layer protective materials use all the same weaving technology. We are combining abrasion resistant fibers in the core and use a cotton elastane cover to create a casual look material with abrasion properties. You can see what kind of fibers we use down here.

A fabric paired with these fibers


Polyethylene can be considered the plastic with the simplest structure. A chain of carbon atoms with only hydrogen on the sides. When this chain is very long, the material is called UMHWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). UMHWPE is also considered the strongest fibre in the world and is 15 times harder than steel. The material, which comes from space research, gives the denim exceptional abrasion resistance and is ideal for motorcycling or skating. In addition, the fibre is breathable and heat-regulating.


Polyarylate has a very high melting point, which means that it takes a very long time for it to start rubbing off due to heat or abrasion. In addition, polyarylate transmits very little heat. We always use this fibre in combination with a lot of stretch to further increase comfort.


Aromatic polyamide (aramid) was discovered by DuPont in 1965 and developed to market maturity under the name Kevlar®. A lightweight, cut- and puncture-resistant fabric, it is also used for bulletproof vests, fireproof reinforcements or coatings for aircraft engines. At first glance, aramid seems more suitable for superhero costumes than for motorcycle jeans. But what's good for superheroes can't hurt us motorcyclists. Due to its high toughness, tensile strength and low weight, aramid fibres are ideal for all action-packed sports.


Unsere Riding Pants bestehen vollständig aus abriebfestem Material und sind nach der neuen Norm (prEN 17092) offiziell CE-geprüft. 


Alle Hosen haben nur eine Schicht. Die abriebfeste Faser befindet sich also im Inneren des Stoffes und man kann sie von außen nicht sehen und sie fühlt sich an wie eine legere Hose. 


Alle Hosen haben die dünnste Stoffschicht, um die Hose für jeden Fahrstil geeignet zu machen. Wir verwenden viel Stretch, und deshalb können sie für alle Arten von Bewegungssportarten verwendet werden. 


Kurze Beine? Kein Problem. Bei unseren Hosen können Sie die Knieprotektoren in der Höhe verstellen. Im Ernstfall ist die Position sehr wichtig.